Wedding Photography

by Richard Allen

A W Allen Studio uses a combination of portraiture and photojournalism style for photographing weddings.  The portraiture photography captures all of the wedding party and family members; while capturing these photos I need to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  During this phase of the wedding photography the photographer needs to allow the emotions of the wedding day guide how these group shots are created.

After the portraiture photographing you have the “photojournalist” documentation.  Here the photographer, blends into the background as to not detract from the wedding festivities but still be ready and in position to capture photos that fully reflect the emotions of the pre and post wedding activities.  These photos are intended to document the wedding day into photos that will re-create the happiness and emotions that this special day represents as time passes. The photos are also intended to make the people who were not at the wedding feel they were there.

Wedding Photography


Our rates for wedding photography start at $500 for up to 4 hours of coverage at the wedding and reception. Additional time can be added to the package at a rate of $80 per hour
The bride will receive 5 disks of the photos with a copyright release allow prints to be made of any photos on the disk.
Also included will be 3 DVD disks with a photo montage of all the photos set to the music of the bride's choosing

Addition items

Hardbound photo albums. Sizes range from 8"x8" to 13"x13".
Canvas Prints with image wrap border. Sizes range from 12"x18" to 24"x36".

Please call for current prices

Photo Montage of growing up photos of the bride and groom added to the DVD.

Price $30

Unlimited Coverage

Unlimited coverage package covers the wedding day from ceremony preparation through the final getaway from the reception.
Included in this package 3 8"x10" hardbound photo album.

Price $1500